Mapped storm drain

Mapped storm drain

Friday, November 14, 2014

Jersey City and its Environment

Dave Smith and I are teaching a regional design studio about the environment of Jersey City.  After the initial inventory phase, students made proposals about the kinds of design issues they wanted to investigated.  The following posts show slides from their presentations.

I will be happy to pass along any comments you have to the students.  They will also be checking this blog for you input.  So comment, question, opine as you see fit!

The first team is interested in improving the streetscapes of Jersey City.


Thinking About Transportation in Jersey City

This group is looking at the various ways people get around in Jersey City and investigating how movement between modes of public transportation can be improved.

Jersey City and its CSO's

Two student teams are focused on reducing the frequency of Combined Sewer Overflow events.

Approach 1) Implementing storm water best management practices throughout the city I am still waiting for these slides.

Approach 2) Treatment Wetlands : These students are deeply indebted to the help and written work of Prof. Dan Van Abs

Jersey City Ideas Regarding History in Planning for Jersey City

It is a long time since I posted. Here is some recent work by my students.

Jersey City Ideas for Bergen Arches

Here are images from my students' presentations.